Today I wore a fake green fur vest. I looked like a cross between a muppet and Iris Apfel. Here’s why: Normally I’m wearing all black. It’s sort of my thing. It even says so on my Instagram profile. But here I am in green. A fuzzy green vest. Because I’ve been looking at green with a new set of eyes. Or with a new intention. Because as a creative I always like to see things from a different perspective. And after picking up the book The Secret Lives of Color, I decided to focus my instragram account on one new color at a time. How can I find things in the same tone that are all differnet, but connect through color? Because color has a way of connecting us. Culturally. Emotionally. Physically. And if we can see the same old same old in a new light, imagine what else we can see differently if we chose to focus our attention on what connects us all.