How many times are we asked what our hourly billing rate is? Or to justify the costs of our work? And how we came to “that number” in a proposal?

But there seems to be a number missing. One that isn’t always factored. And that’s the years of experience that we bring to a project. The creativity. The results. The strategy created over years of knowledge in order to understand that design is a service, and that services should not be treated like a product.

Can we quantify the creative process with a number and specific dollar amount? And is that based not just on the work that we do, but the value that it brings to your organization? Can you measure your brand’s awareness going up? Can you put a dollar amount on the increased sales based on new packaging? Can you see users staying on your website longer and making purchases after that new design launch? Yes. Yes and Yes.

But will your clients share that information? Some may. Some won’t. Some will be afraid to, as to then we might know what we’re really worth.