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April 16, 2022

Guilty. I’m completely guilty. For the past few years I have presented concepts to clients that are to finished. Polished. I didn’t let them see the work that went in to coming up with an idea. The sketches. Notes. Doodles and bookmarks both digital and…

inspiration / April 16, 2022

Have you ever been surrounded by people and yet felt completely alone? Have you ever been on the train, at work, at a restaurant where everyone had their heads buried in a device, their ear buds in their ears, or their heads buried in a…

intention, time / April 16, 2022

Impressions. We make them all the time. Consciously or not. It doesn’t matter. They’re made with or without your blessing. Which is a lot like a brand. As much as we want to control how others perceive us, our work, our business, they’re still making…

inspiration, nature / April 16, 2022

Today I wore a fake green fur vest. I looked like a cross between a muppet and Iris Apfel. Here’s why: Normally I’m wearing all black. It’s sort of my thing. It even says so on my Instagram profile. But here I am in green….

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