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Here the status quo is challenged to think strategically about visual innovation while defining and maintaining visual standards. Understanding the culture around us helps inform the work and to create communications that connect. Being part of the design community, marketing, culture at large keeps our pulse on what’s next. What’s now. And what it can be.
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A logo, is in it’s essence is a visual identifier of a brands characteristics designed to set a company apart. Meant to convey a great deal in it’s smallest form, a logo will establish a tone that could then consistently be used on all marketing pieces. An effective logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic, simple in form and conveys an intended message. A logo is there to identify but to do this effectively it must follow the basic principles of logo design: A logo must be: Simple, Memorable, Enduring , Versatile, and Appropriate. A logo is not a brand, but it is an important part. All logo work needs to go through a deep discovery process that is a separate fee from design.  

It’s important to remember that a logo is only a part of a brand, and seen always in context. Below are case studies to learn more.