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Here the status quo is challenged to think strategically about visual innovation while defining and maintaining visual standards. Understanding the culture around us helps inform the work and to create communications that connect. Being part of the design community, marketing, culture at large keeps our pulse on what’s next. What’s now. And what it can be.
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Phase 1: Client Discovery

An understanding of the client’s business needs to take place first in order to know how to visually express the company/project. This is where we learn about the company values, culture and people. Through a thoughtful discovery and research process, which may include a deep dive with a creative strategy, we get to know the company and or product from their unique strategic positioning.

Phase 2: Discovery

Once we get to know the client, we’ll need to find out more about: Who this project is intended for—the audience, Who you’re up against—the competition.

Phase 3: Concepting

This is where we explore, ideate, and explore some more. In this phase brainstorming occurs and sketching begins. Everything will be looked at from different audience and user perspectives.

Phase 4: Design

From here refinement begins on the concepts that we believe are hitting your objectives. This includes taking a close look at the application of typography, images and color. This is the phase that concepts are presented.

Phase 5: Refinement

Once a direction has been chosen, we move forward with any improvements and changes.

Phase 6: Delivery

This is where the work is completed and delivered to you. Delivery can mean launching a website, finalizing an identity, a full marketing campaign, or delivery to a printer.