Design (Dog) Days

With multiple events happening daily means being everything everywhere all at once.

Team The Communications Team
Industry Architecture & Design
Company IIDA
Produced Arch installation, car wrap, motion graphics, print, digital signage, social media, decks, email, stencils, tshirts, dog bandana, buttons, web graphics
Photographer Elliot Mandel

Design Days is a two day event that coincides with NeoCon, in the Fulton Market, Chicago's intersection of food, design, commerce, arts and culture and where several manufacturers of interior design products have showrooms. Design Dogs was part of five days of events for IIDA, the Commercial Interior Design Association, that included programming, meetings, awards, presentations, keynotes, activations and chapter events, each with different marketing and design needs.

The campaign concept, I Am IIDA, is based off of a series of words the audience would resonate with on a personal, professional, and aspirational level. The font chosen, Fjalla One, designed by Irina Smirnova, has a playful element that works well in larger format and creates a sense of play when designed to create exaggerated shapes. Paired with bright colors and a carefree sense of placement this was part of a series of custom pattern designs that created a visual system that could be applied in various usage to keep the design interesting and fresh without seeing the same visuals over and over.

Wether it was "tagging" the street with temporary chalk stencils with relatable phrases such as I Am Caffeinated, to wrapping a Mini Cooper, from clever insider copy on swag, the goal of this campaign was to create a moment of brand recognition, and to spark a little joy and delight, to take paws (pause) during a very hectic couple of days. Joy marketing is an approach that focuses on evoking positive emotions, particularly joy, in consumers through various marketing strategies. The idea is to create advertising campaigns, branding efforts, and product experiences that bring happiness and delight to customers. This approach aims to establish emotional connections with consumers, leading to stronger brand loyalty and positive associations with the company or product. Joy marketing often involves using cheerful imagery, uplifting messages, humorous content, or heartwarming storytelling to resonate with the audience and leave a lasting impression. The goal is to make consumers feel good about engaging with the brand, ultimately driving sales and fostering positive word-of-mouth.