Surprise and delight. Two words that run through my brain often. A little mantra if you will that comes from my CEO, Cheryl S. Durst. She might have said it once or a hundred times, I can’t remember because it plays in my head on repeat. Why? Because design is not only about solving problems, it’s an opportunity to create an experience. Whether it’s through interiors or communication design (which is my area of practice) there are always opportunities for the unexpected. Perhaps in response to so much digital noise out there, I crave those moments of physicality when it comes to most design. Brochures, packaging, physical installations illicit more of my senses that digital alone can do. And when I see that a designer took that additional step (as one always should) to create a touchpoint that can spark a little something inside, I take notice. Take for example this mailing envelope I just received. Absolutely stunning illustrations with gorgeous color, I couldn’t wait to open what was inside. The exterior of a shoe box, with delightful colorful illustrations stood out in a sea of neutrals and giant logos. And lastly, clever messaging inside a box, making me feel good about myself AND the brand. When design is given the opportunity, take it one step further. And if you’re not given that chance, I suggest taking it anyway. Make it part of your design process to push your work a little more. It might be the difference between a purchase for your client (measure that success!), and a new pair of shoes you didn’t know you needed.