Cannabis Branding
industry Cannabis
partner 7 Rays Marketing
produced Brand Development, Packaging Design System

7 Rays Marketing, a California firm that specializing in the cannabis industry engaged to have created a brand design system and packaging for a new product launch for Goldleaf, positioned as a well-differentiated, premium, retail cannabis brand. With an evolving industry, demographics are shifting and today's consumer is also more design and experience focused.

With a competitive analysis and brand positioning, which lent itself nicely to unique content creation centered around ancient myths, storytelling, and plant medicines like cannabis being used or reintroduced in the modern age. With a name already established, the tagline ‘Of Mythical Creations’ was created that would set the tone for the brand’s story. One of the more famous Greek Gods was Apollo, the God of Sun and the Art of Medicine, and his portrait would be used as the foundation for the logo. With a gold laurel leaf crown, as worn by Greek Gods, the mark was designed to mimic an ancient gold coin featuring Apollo’s portrait, here made of cannabis leaves for subtle wit. The unique concept with strong mystical and historical roots that brings the ancient into the modern was where I came in. Exploring the ideas of Greek mythology, Greece, and our audience, three different approaches to the brand and packaging were explored before choosing this direction.