Identity and Naming
One of a kind jewelry for the magical and bold.

Spellbound creates one of a kind bold accessories using organic materials. While under a different name, the client wanted to create a new identity that was reflective of her work as well as creating a strong visual brand that was as strong as the women her wear her pieces.

The first part of the process was naming. A number of different names were explored which included:

  • Personal Alchemy
  • Spellbinder Designs
  • Ethereal.
  • Pure Terra
  • For the magical and bold

Each of the names presented focused on the following characteristics that were explored after going through the discovery process and defining the brand expression: reflective of the wearer, the maker, the materials, the feeling. Spellbound was the name chosen, and from there, three different design directions were explored along with mood boards that allowed the owner to understand further the context of how the brand could be created. The end result was a combination of the first concept, Zen, with a more organic feel to the type from the third concept, Natural Beauty, as well as adding two small icons of a moon and starts. The final logo was done in one color, black, adding a bit of mystery, as well as being bold, which reinforces the tagline. This also allows the products itself to be used as a texture behind the logo on marketing materials.