Art Installation
Team Marketing/Design/Content
Industry Architecture & Design, Organization
Company IIDA

On Chicago’s Riverfront at theMart, one of the world’s largest commercial buildings that sees over 20,000 visitors a day hosts NeoCon, a major design conference for the commercial interior design industry that brings people from all over the world for this three day event. The International Interior Design Association wanted to celebrate their members and the industry in a big, visible way. 

The solution created by the creative group was the first-of-its-kind art installation that re-imagined the columns of the 8 Titans of Industry that stands between the building and the Chicago River, with the message We Make Space. This message has a double meaning of making space; literally as the profession makes physical spaces for clients, as well as making space through the many programs and initiatives that the organization offers.

This event marked the first major in-person event post pandemic. Consideration for the activation included thinking of ways to create a moment of brand recognition that didn’t require staff to be face to face. The installation meant high visibility from those attending the conference, as well as anyone looking at theMart from the river where boats, tourists and Chicagoans pass as it sits between the business district and downtown area full of restaurants and bars on the river. Messaging was bold and large  for legibility on both sides as this building takes up an entire city block. 

Members shared and tagged images on social media and the 8 Titans of Industry are now available for leasing opportunities once the impact was realized.