Team Marketing and Design
Industry Architecture & Design, Organization
company/copyright IIDA, MillerKnoll
created Style guide, email templates, social graphics, trophy, print materials, motion graphics, deck, signage
Event series

IIDA Leaders Breakfast is an annual international event series hosted in eight locations throughout the year. This event celebrates design’s importance in the global marketplace by honoring the people who are both the legacy and future of design. Produced by local chapters meant creating a comprehensive series of marketing materials to help market and produce each event consistently while actual production fell to the chapter level. 

The visual direction reflects the spirited celebration and uses a flat design illustration with lots of textures, patterns, and symbols that can be configured in different ways that allow the design to be flexible depending on usage. The bright color palette uses unusual color combinations in unexpected configurations that catches your attention, which works very well for social media. 

Rolling out an event series required developing a style and usage guide that broke down the assets, software to use, and how to use them. Designed templates were created that allowed for modification with their information and included: email campaigns, social graphics, print materials, deck. Trophies and motion graphics were handled by H.Q.

Developing this system allowed for consistency from chapter to chapter. Assets are refreshed each as needs and technology changes.