Programming brand development
Team Marketing and Design
Industry Architecture & Design, Organization
Company IIDA
produced Motion graphics, deck, email campaign, social campaign
Webinar series

Collective D(esign) is a design webinar series that provides resources, information, and inspiration to the design community. These sessions started during the pandemic to keep conversations and connections going that explore design from the lens of its larger societal impact as well as examining influencing factors and industries. Using graphic shapes that are part of the design system developed for the program, the bright foundational shapes vibrantly interact with each other. Images featuring past participants are shown to reinforce the talented experts that make up the panels and used in black and white while the newest episode features participants in full color.

Through multiple channels that included email, social, and web, these events have been highly attended and discussions continue as they focus on a changing world, centering equity, sustainability, innovation, how we work and more.