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100 Days of Groot
The 100 Day Project

Every year for the last few years, I’ve taken part in the 100 day project. When Covid19 happened, my attention span became a lot shorter, and my mind a little darker. I still wanted to participate, and I wanted to do something that made me happy.

I have 3 rescues. A Newfoundland, Jack Russel, and our newest one is a three year old English Bulldog. He’s lazy. He makes more bodily noises than I knew were possible. And he only has one look: the look of indifference. His name is Groot, and he is the best worst dog I’ve ever had. He came into our family two years ago, and despite a huge amount of destruction the first year, (including eating a new couch, countless pillows, glasses, shoes…) my daughter, husband and I have never had a dog that makes us laugh every single day.

So that was going to be my challenge. “100 Days of Groot”. I didn’t know what that meant at first, but that’s the reason I do these challenges. An opportunity to push myself creatively, and to enjoy the ride. I don’t have to make it perfect, I don’t have to always make it make sense. I just get to make it.

And right now, the idea of making it sounds pretty great to me. Stay healthy, happy, and a little bit creative.